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What in the world is Outrageous Requests?

By now I'm sure you've realized it is tough to catch a break these days. The economy has gone down the tubes and a majority of the country has experienced a tightening of their wallets. You just want a little assistance to get back on your feet. At Outrageous Requests, we get it.

There is good news. Not everyone out there has been hit with financial problems. There are millions of individuals who are still filling their pockets and even making more now than they ever have. Those people are still willing to donate their money like they always have, and those are the people we target for you.

We bring in those people to help those who are diligently working hard everyday just to break even at the end of the month. With Outrageous Requests, our members have the chance to get something they have been desperately wanting or needing.

We are different from other “begging” sites. We allow members to receive more than just monetary donations. Donors may give our members things they have access to, such as a venue owner giving free tickets to see their favorite band play.

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