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Make money with this mix of 25 traditional and innovative ideas

Make money with this mix of 25 traditional and innovative ideas

How do you fix your money problems for good?

This question is asked time and time again, and rightfully so. Times are tough and not getting any easier for most of us. People are losing their jobs, prices are going up on almost everything, all while the value of homes has decreased. People still have the same expenses they always have, but with increased cost. This makes getting back on track quite difficult.

Cyber begging is a great tool in which to achieve the desperately needed money. It can give you enough to catch up on bills, repair a vehicle, or help with your kids school clothes. When a donor comes along to assist, it can be a wonderful thing.

But, what if you’re still behind month after month?

Getting a donation at just the right time is a huge help, but if you’re behind every single month, this donation is only going to help out for a small period of time. Let’s face it, relying on other people every month is a drag. People are happier when they are able to make enough money to live comfortably. So why settle for less that that?

We suggest taking advantage of our service to help catch up, then get motivated and begin making more money. You’re probably asking yourself, “Why would Outrageous Requests want me to make more money?” and “doesn’t that lead to me not needing a listing on your site as long?” Our answer is yes, it absolutely will. We are in business to help you. We want you to become someone wealthy who can live the life you have always wanted. Outrageous Requests is simply here until you make that dream come true.

There is one thing that we do ask of you though. When you do become successful, and we know you will, please come back to Outrageous Requests and help other cyber beggars with their dreams. Pay it forward.

So what can I do to make more money?

That is the ultimate question isn’t it. Well we have a practical list of things you can do to bring in more money right away, while others are more long term and help to start financial independence. Let’s get started.

1. Sign up for Outrageous Requests


The most obvious way to get money now is to use our service right away. It’s super cheap, really works, and you can start immediately. Professionals recommend when you advertise a business, you do it for at least six months. Why? Customers do not all of a sudden start walking in your door. You have to brand yourself. Cyber begging is no different. You do not simply put your ad up and then cancel in a month if you do not get a donor. The most successful cyber beggars use the recommended six month timeframe at a minimum.  You can even delay having to pay us anything for six months with PayPal’s Bill Me Later service.

Sign up for an account now.

Clicking this link will open a new window so you can continue reading when you are done creating your listing. In fact, all of the links on this page open a new window so you do not have to worry about losing your place at any point during this article.

2. Sell on eBay and/or Craigslist

This one is both easy and fun. If you have never sold anything on eBay before, there is a rush you get from having people bid on your things. Selling on eBay is super easy (hence it popularity). The only items required are an eBay account, a PayPal account, and something to sell.

Sell on eBay

Selling your own things is a great way to make a quick buck, but what if you do not have anything to sell? eBay stores are popular for a reason. They are fast to setup, easy to manage, and can be incredibly profitable. You can sell absolutely anything from collectibles to gag gifts to electronics. It may seem a little daunting at first, but there are countless books out there with step-by-step guides on how to pick a product, take pictures, set up the listings, advertise, etc.

Sell on Craigslist

Similar to eBay, selling on Craigslist is very easy and very profitable. Better yet, you can get paid cash for your wares. For those of you not familiar with Craigslist, it is a free and open website for classifieds. You simply type a short description about what you have to sell and people contact you about it. There is one disclaimer for this. As most of the transactions are done in person, make sure you only meet up in a public place to exchange merchandise. Never invite someone to come to your house or agree to go to theirs. Other than this, it can be extremely profitable. As with anything, there is a science to it. Feel free to figure it out on your own, but if you want a little help, use this.

3. Get paid to spend time online

There are many websites out there that pay you to simple BE online. One popular one is You earn Bucks for searching the web, playing games, watching videos, or even answering polls and surveys.

Here are a few more:

Global Test Market

You take daily polls and surveys and get paid for your opinion. Free to sign up.

Opinion Outpost

Voice your opinion. Get points. Redeem points for instant cash via PayPal or other rewards. Free to sign up.

My Points

You can fill out surveys, play games, read e-mails, search the web, book travel, print coupons, or purchase  from companies you already shop at, through their website to earn money back. Free to sign up.

4. Donate Plasma

There are businesses all around the country willing to pay you a premium to sit in a chair for an hour while doing whatever you want. This is the beauty of donating your plasma. The way it works is simple. You go in and get a physical to make sure you are fit to donate (they use the plasma for important medicines so they have to be careful). Once approved, you go in up to twice a week. You sit in a comfy chair and they hook an IV up to one arm and withdraw plasma. If you are not finicky about needles, it is super easy and you barely feel a thing.

Usually they reward those that come more often by offering an incentive for coming back the second time each week. Others will also give a bonus for going so many times per month. Due to the simple nature of the process, there is no reason not to try it. Most areas pay around $50 week, some a bit more and some a bit less. Not too shabby for 2 hours worth of work. Check the phone book or search Google for local offices.


Fiverr is a website where people offer their services, or gigs as they call it. This could range from anything like drawing a portrait, singing you a song, providing you a consultation, or even writing papers. Each gig is at a fixed price of $5. One great thing about Fiverr is you don’t need any experience. You can go to their website, signup and start instantly.  You will need a PayPal account to get paid. You can create a free PayPal account.

When a buyer finds a gig he wants, he pays $5 in advance to the seller. The seller then must complete the gig within the time limit set. If he fails, he will not receive the money and recieve bad feedback, which will make getting future gigs difficult. If he provides the gig, he will receive the money, positive feedback, and will increase the likelihood of future gigs. For every gig performed, you will receive $4. Fiverr keeps $1 for letting you use the service. That means if you get 10 gigs a day, thats $40! You can have up to 20 gigs active at one time which means you could earn $320 a day if each of your gigs had 10 sales a day!

6. Mystery shopping

Mystery shopping is a tool used to gather specific information about products and services. Mystery shoppers perform specific tasks such as purchasing a product, asking questions, registering complaints or behaving in a certain way, and then provide detailed reports about their experiences.

There are a few pieces of equipment needed to be a mystery shopper. You will need transportation to get to your shops or restaurants. A digital camera or scanner is needed to upload proof of receipts so you can be reimbursed. You will also need a watch with a second hand to keep track of time. You may also want to consider getting certified. If you are certified you may increase your chances of getting more assignments. At you can learn about mystery shopping and become certified.

Be careful as many mystery shopping “opportunities” on the web are a scam. The first rule of mystery shopping is that you will NEVER have to pay money to get an assignment. There are websites like that list the real mystery shopping companies for free. Sign up with as many sites as possible to have better chances of getting assignments.

7. Money from hobbies

Do you already enjoy certain things that create physical goods? Do you like building birdhouses or make jewelry for fun? Why don’t you sell your products for a little extra cash? Here are a few items you may already be making:



Growing flowers (selling arrangements or corsage)


Canning Food

Making Jewlery

Building Picture Frames


8. Paper Route

Themoney you can make delivering newspapers varies greatly based on the size of the route, the area in which you deliver and a number of other factors. The website indicates the typical range for a single paper route can range from $100 to $1,500 per pay period. Keep in mind, 20 to 30 percent of your gross income will go towards income taxes.

Many paper routes are delivered early in the morning before regular work hours. Others are delivered after school hours in the early evening. Delivering one route often takes only one to two hours. Walking your route is most cost-effective. Paper deliverers typically pay for their own gas. Your car also accumulates wear and tear if you drive your route. You also usually wrap and prepare your own papers, which is included in your delivery rate.

9. Temp Job thru local temp agency or part time job

A Temp Agency specializes in finding work for people on a long term or short term basis. For example, some assignments are just for the day, filling in for a sick receptionist. Other assignments can last for months or even a year. To get started, make an appointment with the agency. On the day of the appointment, dress to impress, bring your resume, and prepare to talk about your experience. Be upfront and honest with any jobs you are unwilling to accept to respect their time, as well as when you are available to work. They will usually test your skills through computer programs also. Make sure to keep your phone on you. These jobs can come and go quickly so missing a phone call can mean missing a job opportunity.

10. Deliver phone books (during the season)

There are two things you need to earn money from delivering phone books: a vehicle (preferably an suv, van or truck), and auto insurance. You will need to find out when your phone company is going to be delivering phone books. You can do this by calling the phone company directly or keeping an eye out in the classifieds. Attend the orientation that is offered. This will explain what to do and how much you will be paid for delivering phone books. If you do not attend, you will not be able to complete the job.

Always keep yoursafety in mind. Dress appropriately for the weather. Try to sign up for an area of town that you are familiar with. Make the most of your time. Just like your mailman, deliver the phone books on one side of the street and then the next. This will save you time and energy.

11. Freelance work

Find what you are good at, and make money from it. You can freelance many things like writing, customer service, data entry, graphic design, etc. There are many sites online that let users post what they need completed, and you have the opportunity to bid on the job based upon what price you are willing to complete it for. Don’t expect to get rich quick, but many people are able to supplement or replace their income with freelance work. is among the most popular.

12. Blog

If you want to know how to make money off a blog, you need to know how to do it properly. Your blog topic can be anything from gardening, to survival, to shopping, or parenting. Whatever you want to write about. Understand that it’s mostly about driving a high volume of visitors to your blog. But not only that, it’s also setting up ads and incentives properly to get people to buy or opt-in.

One of the ways you make money off a blog, is by adding Google AdSense ads to it. These are those text links that you see in a lot of popular sites. Each time someone clicks one of those links, the owner of that site gets paid by Google in their AdSense account. You can sign up for a free account and get your publisher ID. You then embed the code into your website to start making money.

Another way you can make money off a blog is by having sponsorships from companies. Unlike AdSense, users don’t have to click the ads for you to make money. The companies pay you a flat rate for a certain amount of time no matter what. Generally, these companies will only sponsor your blog if it’s getting a lot of hits per month.

Here is a great ebook that gives you some awesome information about starting a profitable blog:

Cash Blogging Tactics

13. Small Business (ebook about low start up business)

Small businesses are a great way to get out of the “rat race”. There is an unlimited number of business idea’s out there. The best ones are something you enjoy doing followed closely behind something you at least don’t mind doing. Even if it’s not your favorite thing, once you see the money coming in without having to work for someone else, it may just become your new favorite thing.

Here are a few ideas for business idea’s:

Plant maintenance

Dog Grooming, Sitting and Doggie Duty Cleanup

Clean Homes or businesses (janitorial)

Errand Running

Tutor or Teach a Language

Internet Research

“Go-Green” consultant

Gardening fresh produce for local restaurants (even more money if you go with animals)

Electronic setup and check-ups (tablets, phones, etc.)

Converting media types (vhs to dvd)



Jams and Jellies




Window Cleaning

More idea’s and additional support with the Business Startup & Operation Manual

14. Babysit

When taking on the responsibility of caring for others children, you want to make sure you are well prepared. Become certified in First Aid, CPR, and child care skills just in case something goes wrong. You don’t want to be liable if something happens and you aren’t prepared to act.

Advertising is key to obtaining babysitting jobs. Hang fliers around communities in which you are willing to babysit, make sure to include any certifications you have obtained. Post an ad on various websites like Craigslist. Remember to be safe when posting your information. Search for babysitting websites or other babysitting agencies and see if you can post your information with them. Sitter City is a great website to visit to advertise your babysitting services.Hand out business cards for your babysitting business to spread the word. Try checking out children’s books at the library and sticking a business card in the book before you return it. When parents check the book out for their child, they will find your card.

15. Rent out a room

If you’re a homeowner with extra space  and you don’t mind a roommate  in your space, renting a room in your house can be a great way to raise some cash. Renting a room can also help to cover the costs of home ownership. Sounds fantastic, right? Follow these tips to keep your roommate situation safe and not a bother.

Think about the kind of person with whom you’d like to share your home and write ads that reflect your lifestyle and requirements. If you dislike noise after 9 p.m., be clear about that. You should specify what percentage of the utilities the person will pay in addition to rent and how you plan to manage food sharing and preparation. Be very upfront, honest, and clear.

Never  rent a room without first doing a background check. Before you invite someone to live with you, be sure to order criminal, sex offender and credit checks. There are affordable and simple online services that are designed for landlords – some as low as $25 or $50. As a part of the application process, you can ask the tenant to pay a non-refundable credit check fee to cover the cost. This will deter some tenants with poor credit or a criminal history. Then schedule interviews.

It is never wise to rent a room without a lease. Though it seems easier, it can be difficult to remove a problematic tenant or to recoup rent costs if you do not have some legal documentation to support your arrangement. Make the effort upfront to protect yourself and your property.

16. Make Money on Facebook

Some businesses have their own product lines and they simply utilize Facebook to expose these products to their friends and their friends. Some people use Facebook to market other people’s products. The latter is the way that most individuals do it, from home earning six figure plus incomes, in a period of months.

The more Facebook friends you have, the more chances you have of making more money. What if you don’t have many Facebook friends? Fortunately you can start by searching and inviting others to be your friend. But, if you want to take it to the next level and automate the finding and adding friends process, there are some software that can do just that.

Take advantage of the ads. Using AdSense, chitika and other PPC advertising companies you can easily setup your ads and customize it to your liking. Make sure to set it somehow that it serves ads related to product and services that you know your Facebook audience is interested in. Affiliate marketing is another great way to increase your profit from Facebook. The options are really endless.

17. Public Speaking

Do you have a genuine message to share with the public? You are probably wondering, how can I make money from it? First, you must determine your target audience, and try soliciting your services as a public speaker to that group.  The trick is to turn your expertise, whatever it may be, into a fun, fresh and informative presentation to share with your audience.

While having an organization write you a check is ideal, one of the best ways to build your business is to waive your speaking fee. Not only is this a great way to build your confidence, it is also a significant way to build business. Word a mouth goes a long ways.

Because many organizations do not have the budget to pay public speakers, you can get creative and sell your books, CDs, T-shirts, videos and any other paraphernalia to audience members.

Another alternative, is If an organization doesn’t have the budget to hire you as a public speaker, you might try to find a local business that would be willing to sponsor you, covering your necessary speaking fee. This is a win-win situation, as it allows you the opportunity to share your message, as well as gives exposure to your sponsor’s business. The important thing to consider when looking for a sponsor is to find one that could benefit by being associated with your presentation.

18. Antiquing for profit

When times are tough, money can be hard to come by. Most people do not even realize that it’s right under your nose. Do you know much about Antiques? You don’t really have to, but it helps. Antiques must be at least 40 or more years old. Generally, anything at or after 1945 is considered a collectible.

Just let people know that you buy things. Even consider placing free online want ads. You can find antiques basically anywhere. Garage sales are an excellent source. Most items are in the 25 cents to $25.00 range! Craigslist and eBay are a couple of good sources. While selling online, surf for stuff to buy.

Go with what you like and see where it goes.It doesn’t always have to be old. Items that  look 100 years old but were made last week sell too. Be creative. Just try not to pay too much. Try to beware of fakes. If it seems like too good of a deal from a dealer or someone approaching you, beware! It’s also a good idea to keep records. You will need to pay in taxes.

You might end up having your own garage sales, flea market booths or even start your own store!!

If you buy low and sell high, keep buying more stuff and learn as you go, you will do well.

19. Delivering Pizzas

The “lowly” pizza delivery job seems like a crummy thing a first glance, until you realize the you can make close to $15 an hour by just jamming to your favorite music for hours. Or better yet, using your drive time to better yourself by listening to non-fiction audio books for other ways to make money.

20. Build your own website

With basic web design skills and the proper tools, you can build a site that can increase and eventually replace your overall income, all from the comfort of your own home. First, decide your topic and pick something you enjoy or have knowledge with. Profitable websites need to be based on a topic that people are interested in.  Have information update regularly to keep people interested and coming back.

21. Go back to school

While counter intuitive to making money at first, going back to school can be very rewarding and launch in you into what you really love, and make more money in the end. You  can usually obtain student loans to help you afford school and small living expenses.

22. Detasseling (Corn growing locations only – Seasonal)

Easy? It sure isn’t. However, detasseling is a way to make a bunch of money quick. The pay can be quite good and because you’re working a lot of hours per day for a couple weeks, it’s a great way to take advantage of the season. Check your local classifieds for more information on detasseling around you.

23. Donate your eggs (Females only o’course)

In the United States, approximately 2 percent of women of reproductive age are infertile, and receiving donated eggs fertilized in a lab by their partner’s sperm can offer as much as a 65 percent chance of pregnancy.

To see if you would make a good donor, click here to see the general criteria they look for.

There are several ways to find a clinic to which you’d like to donate an egg such as: print publications, doctors in your area, and specific agencies. The Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology offers listings. Just click on your state, enter your address, and it will match you up to your nearest clinic.

Make sure that the doctors at the clinic or agency you choose are board certified ob/gyn specialists or reproductive endocrinologists. Remember, this is your body we’re talking about. Ask questions, and make sure that you feel completely comfortable with the clinic. Before you sign anything, interview the doctor. Ask how many egg donation surgeries he has performed, what kinds of complications you could suffer from, and if he/she has any referral patients to whom you could speak. Any hesitancy on any of these points should be a hint that you should fry your eggs at another clinic.

The clinic you choose will require you to complete a questionnaire and complete physical examination, pelvic exam, STD test as well as blood test, psychological consultation, and provide full record of your own and family’s medical history. Once you pass all of the criteria, you will be asked to sign a Donor Agreement, the doctors will start to prepare your body to pump out super-strong eggs while looking for a match. Just keep in mind that matching your profile to a potential recipient’s can take up to a year.

When a program accepts you as a donor, you will be asked to sign a Donor Agreement. The specific details of the laws vary depending on what state you live in, but they all address the fact that in signing the donor agreement, you also agree to no parental claim or rights to the child born from the egg/s taken from your body (even if you want these rights), financial responsibility for procedure, as well as raising the couple belongs to the recipient couple, the recipient couple has legal and financial responsibility for the child, you are never required to give child support.

Many women donate their eggs because it’s a very nice thing to do: it doesn’t prevent you from having successful pregnancies of your own, and it can make all the difference in the world for a grateful infertile couple. But as you undoubtedly realize, there’s also money involved.

All medical fees (the injections, doctor visits, counseling and medical exams) are paid for by the recipients, but egg donors also receive payment for their participation in a donor cycle. The amount varies depending on where you live and how good a candidate you are, but compensation currently ranges between about $2,500 and $5,000 per cycle

24. Sell your hair

Buyers are looking for healthy, untreated hair that is 10 inches long or longer. If your hair has been dyed, bleached, permed or you are a smoker, you are not likely to find a buyer.

There are several websites that specialize in hair sales. Spend some time looking at each one to determine which will work best for you. A couple of sites we recommend are and You can try eBay and Craigslist as well.

To increase your chance of a sale, include several photos of your hair, along with a good description of its condition. Your listing should be used to talk up the health and desirability of your hair. A few things to mention:

  • The length of your hair

  • Details about the color and texture of your hair (Is it thick? Straight? Curly?)

  • Details about your hair care habits (How often do you wash your hair? Do you use styling products, A blow dryer? Irons?)

  • Details about your lifestyle (Do you smoke? Drink? Eat well?)

Look through other listings (both current and completed) to determine a fair market value for your hair. Be sure to compare your hair to similar listings, or you may not arrive at an accurate figure. Once you have found a buyer, cut and ship your hair according to the buyer’s specifications. For your protection, do not ship the hair until a full payment has been received, which we recommend using PayPal. Also consider purchasing delivery confirmation and insurance.

If you are cutting your long hair but do not want to sell it, you can always donate it to Locks of Love. This is a great charity that makes wigs for children who have lost their hair due to cancer and other diseases. Since wigs are considered cosmetic, they are not covered by insurance and a lot of families cannot afford a wig made from human hair. The wigs Locks of Love gives really provide self esteem for affected children.

25. Clinical Trials

Clinical drug trials, are a process in which participants take an experimental medication to test its effects. During these trials some of the subjects get the actual drug while others receive a placebo. Researchers record the differences between the two groups, any side effects and success rates. Participating in a drug trial should be considered carefully before signing up.

Locate a drug trial that you want to participate in by contacting hospitals and medical research centers directly. Verify that you qualify for the trial by reading the list of eligibility criteria provided by the researchers. Some trials require that you have a certain disease while others require that you have no existing health problems. Other trials are based on gender, ethnicity or age. Read the drug trial guidelines carefully before you sign the informed consent paperwork. Make sure you can commit to taking the drugs as often as necessary and can attend all required on-site examinations.

All you have to do is take the required medication in the exact manner and dosage as instructed by the researchers. You write down any side effects, such as dizziness, rashes, sleepiness or any other symptoms you experience while on the drug. Clinical drug trials usually require a daily written journal so the researchers can effectively track all side effects. Report back to the researchers at required intervals until the end of the trial.

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You don’t want to lose this article. It very well could be your lifeline to a more fruitful future. Bookmark it before you leave by pressing CTRL + D on your keyboard.


- Get everything in writing

- Consult with tax advisers when dealing with your own business

- Get payment up front

- Ask for referrals

- Follow you local laws and tax laws

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Best Answers for Give Me Money Questions

Give me money

Some people say that there is infinite abundance in the universe, and perhaps there is. Yet, while this might be true, it is hard to believe.

For instance, has anyone recently asked you this question — “can you give me money, just until things get better? I promise I will pay you back.”

It probably took a lot of guts for them to ask that question; however, the economy is getting worse, paying bills is harder than ever, and raising a family becomes a challenge or burden, instead of the blessing it is supposed to be.

Low salaries and high living costs are now GLOBAL problems. Even here in America, many individuals lack things which they so strongly deserve or desire.

With the way things are progressing, it COULD soon be YOUR turn to ask, “Can someone PLEASE give me money NOW?”

The reasons WHY you need cash or even just a helping hand here and there, can be many.

– Accomplished workers and college graduates can now find themselves homeless or on the streets;
– As you get older, it really seems like money simply runs out faster; and
– Love or relationship problems get even worse with lack of funds.

Running out of money

Yet, those who have to make that “give me the money” request don’t need to feel so bad any more. Believe it or not, there are people in this world who actually WANT to help you solve such problems.

They have even thought of a truly smart way to do it. Have you heard of “cyber begging?”

You can think of it more like “asking options.” That is, once you start to read more about “who will give me money,” you will see more stuff about cyber begging.

No need to worry about scams, or even the embarrassment of asking. What you will find here is folks who have already taken the time to think about WHY they WANT to help you.

So, they are ready and willing to lend that necessary hand. In other words, at least in one way or another, you can get relief, plus a much more comforting answer to the question, “who will give me money, or help out even just a little during hard times.”

Start now and get 25% off for the life of your listing! ►

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History of Cyber Begging

You, like millions of others, probably have this very thought every single day. It’s a gut wrenching feeling to struggle for money, yet it’s not an easy thing to solve. You work hard yet don’t get any further ahead. Well let’s put an end to saying “I need money” and starting on the right track.

Street beggar

Money makes the world go round. There is nothing on earth that cannot end up having money involved. Granted, the need for man to have money will never cease. In some people, the need is insatiable, and it can be risky, making then do more of spending the money they make rather than save. These types of people make enough money that keeps them away from ever saying I need money, and yet they will never fail to say the statement. What is the problem and is there an answer?

Truth be told, many a times when we wonder where we will get money when we lack to realize that we still have it. It is all a matter of practicing proper use and management of money. The same way we carelessly spend on things that are even of no value to us, is the same way we handle the money, to the extent of even misplacing it. Aside from this, another way of making an effort at having a firm hold of your financial situation is in drawing a workable budget. This will save you from experiencing occasions that make you say I need money.

Whenever you feel as if you are at financial crossroads and yet the need for money begs, evaluate all your options. Look at the need as see if it really does require money in its real form, or you can work with a substitute to money. It is always hard to understand what this issue will bring about, but once you think along this lines, you will discover that you have money with you although not in a tangible form but in the form of other quantitative things. If I need money and lack it in substance, I simply will source for it in other things that can be either sold or given as collateral.

Modern beggar

This again should never be an issue to result to whenever your financial well dries. You need to keep your spending in check. Keep to the essentials with a budgeted guidance. Picking up the habit of saving a penny or two also helps. Learn that time is money, and the more you waste it, the worse your financial status becomes. If you really want to do way with saying, I need money during tough times, keep tabs on how you handle your money. You will realize that you will have money with you even when you think that you spent it. This again should never be an issue to result to whenever your financial well dries. You need to keep your spending in check. Keep to the essentials with a budgeted guidance. Picking up the habit of saving a penny or two also helps. Learn that time is money, and the more you waste it, the worse your financial status becomes. If you really want to do way with saying, I need money during tough times, keep tabs on how you handle your money. You will realize that you will have money with you even when you think that you spent it.

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The Art of Cyber Begging

Street beggar

Right now all around the world, the economies of many countries is really bad. You cannot go anywhere without seeing a person holding up a sign asking for help with a small donation. Any person that holds up a sign has a lot of courage to be able to face the world announcing that they have fallen on hard times. A person might feel as though they have no dignity when they have to basically beg on the street. There is a way for a person to preserve their dignity and self-respect, and it’s called cyber begging. A person who is in serious need of money can make their own webpage to help them raise money, and here are some tips to help someone create an effective cyber begging listing.

Be honest: Your listing is going to tell your story. You should explain your situation in detail, and explain exactly why you need the money, and how much you need. Honesty really is the best policy when you are creating a cyber begging listing.

Modern beggar

Get an editor: When you are telling you story, be sure that you use proper English, and have good grammar skills. To make sure you have written your story out correctly, you should ask someone with editing skills to check over what you have created. How can a person feel compelled to donate money to your cause if they cannot understand what you are reading? Want another good reason to make sure you have written your story correctly? You need to think about this, how are people going to react to the fact you have not taken the time and effort to make sure you have expressed your situation properly? You would be surprised how bad grammar and poor English skills can offend someone.

Cyber begging is a when you create a listing, and try to earn money with that listing. The best thing you can do when you make your listing is to be honest about your situation. These are very difficult times for all of us with the economy being bad all over the world. Everyone needs to stick together, and help one another to weather the storm.

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Spam Blocking Ninja’s – Cyber begging not all about the donations

Cyber Begging - Spam Blocking Ninjas

Cyber begging is not only about the donors anymore. It’s just as important to block out the harmful spammers that cost you money. We are the only cyber beg website to filter out spam for our members, at no additional cost.

All of the free cyber begging sites, as well as other well known begging sites, blatantly put your contact information right there in the listing. Scammers come along and harvest all of these  personal details about you and spam the hell out of you. Outrageous Requests is different.

When you purchase a listing from us, we start by not even requiring any personal information (other than your email so we can at least let you know when a donor wants to help). You can remain as anonymous as you want, even from us. Then we handcraft each of our listings and do not publish any private details, even your email address. All donation requests come to us first so we can pass along only the real donors. Our spam blocking ninja’s work for you (and they’re pretty ruthless).

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How to Use PayDay Loan Advances

Payday loans

Payday loan advances can have a variety of uses. A popular misconception is that pay day loans are an almost ideal way to fix bad credit. Yet, this could easily be an unfortunate misconception.

Although you ARE getting cash in advance of your next work payment, there are a few things you should keep in mind. It is true that some loans can be used to fix credit problems, for example.

Yet, the circumstances of bad credit are likely to have stemmed from a much longer history of spending habits. In that light, pay attention to a few of the better ways to use your payday loan advances, which appear in this writing.

Payday loan lenders already know that they cannot truly ask you the actual REASONS why you want the loan. However, the fact that you receive a payday loan approval means that you already have a decent credit history and intend to keep it intact.

Thus, a much wiser strategy for the use of payday loans begins with realization. That is, a pay day loan is actually part of a SHORT-TERM budgeting plan.

Credit repair goals, on the other hand, require a much LONGER period of time, as well as a much LARGER portion of your budgetary receipts.

Surely, there are those consumers who prefer to disguise budgetary mistakes, in order to receive quick cash from payday loan advances. Be it known that a move like this remains ill-advised, as it tends to create a latent burden which appears in fuller force down the line.

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Nonetheless, the list of things NOT to do with payday loan advances are just as important as what you SHOULD do with them. For instance, payday loans are NOT intended for the following uses:

  • Purchase of automobiles, cars, trucks, or sport utility vehicles;
  • College or educational training course tuition;
  • Improvement, redesign, or upgrade of homes.

On the other hand, a payday loan CAN be smartly used to:

  • Bridge the gaps between bill payments that occur during an employment cutback or job loss;
  • The repair of a broken heater in cold winter months;
  • Temporarily prevent repossession of an automobile.

Additionally, becoming a better shopper or “steward” of your payday loan receipts can greatly help. For example, you can use Use the Internet to find smart deals on items you might need.

Excellent specials exist online for refurbished computer systems, for instance. Even eBay sells great home furnishings at superb rates.

When you diligently shop for such items, you can save money plus increase the quality of your possessions.

Payday loan advances get approved more quickly than most other loan investments. However, when compared to traditional loan approvals, they also come at a much higher interest rate.

Thus, it remains best to spend your payday loan advances in the wisest possible manner. Do you need a payday loan now? Try this quick and simple payday loan application.

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I Need Money – Solve Your Problem with Cyber Begging

Millions of people now scream, “Help I Need Money.” If this is your cry, too, then you surely are not alone.

However, have you really stopped to think… upon whose ears should this cry fall? When you need to make money today, there are several ways you can get it.

Still, there is one particular method… and a rather new one at that, which is now helps countless individuals to solve problems like:

– Many need money for school;
– Some have the need to make money from home;
– Others need money fast to repair bad credit.

What do you think is the one thing that all three of the above circumstances have in common? They share a similar solution.

That is, they can “plead” for money in an acceptable, affordable, logical, and even pleasant way… via the new cyber begging service. Are you familiar with this problem solving option? It has a small fee, but the charge is so tiny that you will likely laugh at its low cost.

You then ask the participants, readers,and viewers at this site to help provide the money you need. Here is a place where you can actually say, “I Need Money,” and be glad you stated that fact.

At an online cyber begging service, your most outrageous requests become practical, reasonable, and actually likely to be accepted by the many sponsors who frequent the site and have lots of respect for this cause.

Keep in mind too, even though you might be chanting, “I need money,” what you often REALLY need is the SOLUTION” or THING which money can buy.

Thus, remember as you begin your research about “cyber begging,” that you can actually ask for, or receive “service” for your financial problem, in lieu of cash itself.

This ingenious cyber begging idea just gives you many more options to get your unique problem solved. Either way, that is, with the cash or the service which you might request, you have great likelihood that someone will come to the rescue.

Simply create a listing, and scream “I Need Money,” as loudly as you can. What do you have to lose?

Start now and get 25% off for the life of your listing! ►

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