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Best Answers for Give Me Money Questions

Give me money

Some people say that there is infinite abundance in the universe, and perhaps there is. Yet, while this might be true, it is hard to believe.

For instance, has anyone recently asked you this question — “can you give me money, just until things get better? I promise I will pay you back.”

It probably took a lot of guts for them to ask that question; however, the economy is getting worse, paying bills is harder than ever, and raising a family becomes a challenge or burden, instead of the blessing it is supposed to be.

Low salaries and high living costs are now GLOBAL problems. Even here in America, many individuals lack things which they so strongly deserve or desire.

With the way things are progressing, it COULD soon be YOUR turn to ask, “Can someone PLEASE give me money NOW?”

The reasons WHY you need cash or even just a helping hand here and there, can be many.

– Accomplished workers and college graduates can now find themselves homeless or on the streets;
– As you get older, it really seems like money simply runs out faster; and
– Love or relationship problems get even worse with lack of funds.

Running out of money

Yet, those who have to make that “give me the money” request don’t need to feel so bad any more. Believe it or not, there are people in this world who actually WANT to help you solve such problems.

They have even thought of a truly smart way to do it. Have you heard of “cyber begging?”

You can think of it more like “asking options.” That is, once you start to read more about “who will give me money,” you will see more stuff about cyber begging.

No need to worry about scams, or even the embarrassment of asking. What you will find here is folks who have already taken the time to think about WHY they WANT to help you.

So, they are ready and willing to lend that necessary hand. In other words, at least in one way or another, you can get relief, plus a much more comforting answer to the question, “who will give me money, or help out even just a little during hard times.”

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