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Spam Blocking Ninja’s – Cyber begging not all about the donations

Cyber Begging - Spam Blocking Ninjas

Cyber begging is not only about the donors anymore. It’s just as important to block out the harmful spammers that cost you money. We are the only cyber beg website to filter out spam for our members, at no additional cost.

All of the free cyber begging sites, as well as other well known begging sites, blatantly put your contact information right there in the listing. Scammers come along and harvest all of these  personal details about you and spam the hell out of you. Outrageous Requests is different.

When you purchase a listing from us, we start by not even requiring any personal information (other than your email so we can at least let you know when a donor wants to help). You can remain as anonymous as you want, even from us. Then we handcraft each of our listings and do not publish any private details, even your email address. All donation requests come to us first so we can pass along only the real donors. Our spam blocking ninja’s work for you (and they’re pretty ruthless).

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