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Would you like donors to see your page ASAP?

We can put your story in front of donors immediately, with a DonorQuest Package. Why wait for the right donor to run across your listing when we will go after them for you? That's right. Outrageous Requests now offers a service that allows you to post your listing, sit back, and let them come to you. Simply reap the rewards.

How does this service work?

1) You pick the package you want, either 3 or 5 contacts. For each contact you pay for, we will reach out to one business that can provide exactly what you asked for.

2) Next, tell us what you really need so we have something to go after. The more specific you are, the better. It's hard for us to go after abstract things like "money". Instead, ask for something you know you need. Like a new water heater, groceries, karate lessons, etc. Also, if you are in need of just cash, give us something we can get you to offset the cost of the cash you need.

3) Finally, we find local businesses who offer what you need and make them aware of your listing.

It sounds pretty easy, doesn't it? Purchase your package now and we will get started on contacting businesses for you right away.

Pick your package

Choose the number of contacts you want us to make. You will be taken to a form after your purchase to input the necessary information to complete your order.

Number of Contacts

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We do not guarantee the receipt of donations with this paid service and fees are not refundable. See Terms and Conditions for full details.
Our Promise
We will never take any portion of any donation you obtain.