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I am a hardworking mother of 2 and have been working under a cloud for the last 2 years. The company I presently work for are unprepared to sign a tenancy agreement so I am constantly under threat of losing my job because our building is open for anyone to come in and take over

Our town has very few shops as it is and would definately be worse off without our beautiful bedlinen shop.

It is very profitable and has a regular client base which is why I am asking for money

Banks are not interested in lending money, I have tried all ways, and so I have decided to go down this new route. I would like to buy the business and run it as my own, it would keep me and 5 others in jobs and keep our quaint little market town with one of it's best shops

What am I doing as well. I have already raised 300 by doing car boot sales and ebay sales, I am doing sponsered events, make my own xmas cards to sell and also make jewellery to sell, I have only just started raising money and so I have not amassed a lot but hope to reach my goal of 25,000 within 12 months

Anything that you can do to help would be much appreciated, all money donated via this site will be donated to cancer research out of the profits that the shop make, if goods are donated for me to sell on-line or at car boot sales, the amount that they sell for will be included in this donation

please consider donating just 1, it really will make all the difference.


Thank you

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