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Life's Taken on a New Direction....Please help!

Hi, I've not done this before, so am unsure of how much info is needed - sorry if I prattle on too much!

I was made redundant in Oct '11 which came at a terrible time as we'd just bought our first house. I struggled to find a job as I was very restricted to the hours I could work (0900-1500) because of the children's schooling, we have two children age 9 (today!) and 4. We live in a semi-rural area and childcare is hard to come by.

After nearly 20 yrs working in admin I retrained at a local college in the evenings, as a Beauty Therapist in 2010.

I recently found a beauty salon to rent in my local area and took it over 2 weeks ago. I am able to work the school hours and there are 2 part time staff that cover evenings and weekends.

I knew things would be difficult at first, although the business was established it wasn't doing so well so I knew I'd have to pull out all the stops with regards to advertising and promoting. I have been!!

I need to take 500 a week to pay the wages (inc mine, minimum wage) and bills, etc. In the first week I took 305 which I thought wasn't too bad, but last week the takings were only 150!

I understand it's a quiet time of year anyway for a beauty salon and this economic climate doesn't help - however, I believe I have the makings of a really good business and I know I can make it work. It's ideally situated with little competition in the local area, the staff are friendly and extremely good at what they do, and I'm willing to work my fingers to the bone to make a go of it!

I just need some cash to tide me over this dry spell, I am really feeling the pressure with the girls' wages to pay, salon rent to find and my own mortgage to pay. After being out of work for a few months we are struggling financially. I ahve ploughed my redundancy money (7000) into this and desperately need it to work.

I truly believe the salon will be a good venture and when it is I'd be more than happy to pass on my good fortune to other people on this site who find themselves in financial hardship.

Thanks again for reading x

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