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Trying to finish school and pay tuition is hard

Hi there,

I am currently attending college in Texas and have accumulated some debt, unfortunately, during my freshman and sophomore years. I'm on academic probation now and I cannot receive any grant/ or even student loans now because my gpa is lower than the standard requirement for my college.

As I began struggling to make ends meet with rent/utilities/food/gas money/car insurance, I thought of perhaps getting a short-term pay-day loan to help me out. This was a complete nightmare. I cried myself to sleep wondering how much longer it would be to pay off a small loan of $550 that turned into close to $1,200 after interest. I don't want to go this route again because as you can see, this is not a good option for a long-term plan. I also do not have health insurance because my parent's can't afford to place me and my sister on it. I have also racked up close to $5,000 in hospital bill debt for small things like the flu, ovarian cysts, and a bad toothache.

I will (god-willing) be the first of my family to graduate from college I have been trying to finish my BS for close to 5 years now because I had to take time off of college to help my parent's with bills and little sister. I'm so close now I can feel it, I just need to pay this summer/fall semester tuition and I can have that paper in my hand and get a real career. Please let me pay you back, I'll keep in touch with you and tell you my progress of school, and as soon as I receive my first real job, begin paying you back.

Thanks so much for reading..

Desperate female student who needs wings to fly in Texas

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