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Man Defeated - Please Help Me Get Myself Back

I need $9,600.00 to get my life back. My fiancée whom I was living with for three years left me for a another man. I had been working full time and started a company in order to create a better life for our future family. When it all happened, I became very depressed - the business fell apart and I stoically took on the debt we had accumulated together in 'building our life' together. The total hit was over $34K. After losing my company and my work (layoff - we were under a government work-share program because of low sales volumes) I decided moved to the West Coast where I could rebuild a healthy life. Now I am faced a new job market and interview after interview (over 13 so far) have pinned me as "over qualified" for support level roles and "under qualified" for mid-senior level roles. In just 9 months I have paid down the debt with only $9K remaining... but I cannot seem to shed this last weight off my shoulders. My car recently broke down, a week after I moved here which I was going to sell to pay off a good portion of it. Instead it sold for just enough to pay for rent.

I am managing to get small design contracts but the income is very low, the hours are very lengthy (14hr days) and am just barely making rent and food. This debt is eating away at me and the more I have to face it, the less courage I have, the less confidence I have that I can turn my life around and get back to a healthy sense of worth.

I am currently managing, somehow, to get design contracts but the income is very low and am just barely making rent and food.

This debt, represents more then just a financial burden. I was once a kind, determined and capable man of confidence, poise and unshakable moral. I volunteered, I ran charity races, was there for my neighbours and friends. Now this ball and chain is a constant reminder of a man defeated by circumstance. I have since become a recluse with one constant, 24hr a day question running through my head: where can I get my next dollar.

I want nothing more than to, once again become a valuable part of society, to not feel like such a failure, and to one day mean something to someone and build a family... and believe me when I say that I am putting blood sweat and tears into making that happen. I'm begging, will you please, please help me regain with a fresh start??


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