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Forces Veteran with PTSD suffering big time

I've recently left my civillian job after suffering problems with other staff members due to my PTSD, my work treated me unfairly and I was sent for Alcohol and Drug tests. I've now started my own gardening business but have run up a lot of debt getting it off the ground. I'm a very proud person and feel sick at having to stoop to this site to try remedy my situation. I do not want your money or help for nothing. I am willing to pass on your generousity to other needy people and groups in my community. For donations of 100 I'll tend the garden of an OAP (Old Aged Pensioner), making sure it is nice and tidy, for donations of 1000 I will tend the grounds of a nursing home, or local charity buildings for 1 month. Even small donations will be added up and I will help local people in need. This will enable them to save some money and make use of it on other tasks.

My PTSD caused by attending the Lockerbie Disaster in 1998 has worsened lately due to the news of the bomber being released and the situation in Libya. I've been admitted to A&E 3 times this year, and I'm trying hard to battle the effects its having on me. Each day is a huge struggle.

If I can pay off my debt's I'll be able to spend more time in treatment, more time trying to help others, and enjoy my gardening business which is helping.

Thank you in advance for any donation that you can help with.

I need money - Forces Veteran with PTSD suffering big time


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