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Is it near the end?? A little help PLEASE

Hello thank you for taking the time to read this, My name is Elizabeth I have a fiance and we have a wonderful 1yr. old little girl, I am goin to get right to the point, we are in desperate need of your help! Our current living situation is coming to an end and we have to be moving we cannot afford rent which is about 500 and up ( we can hardly afford to eat mac n cheese right now ) we found our dream home which would cost us about 250 a month that includes everything tax's insurance, we are in need of help to get on our feet right now to get some of our debts paid off and get a loan for hopefully our future home :) it would mean the world to our family if you can help, any donations will help ( in order for us to get ahead and feel like we can breathe again we are goin to have to come up with about 60,000.00 ) It's heartbreaking when my fiance is at work 12+ hrs. a day and we still can't get ahead, Please by the grace of GOD have mercy on us and please please help us.

I need money


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