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Praying for a miracle

I am praying that this site is authentic and that there are a real angels out there. I am in desperate need of quick, short-term help. I do not want a "gift" -- I want a loan that I can pay back with interest or that I can pay forward.
I am a middle-aged teacher and I am trying to save my house and my family. In the past several years, my husband has had a two heart attacks, a triple bypass, and two bouts of cancer. He had recently been laid off from his job -- for the second time -- and has just gone back to work after 6 months. I have been trying desperately to hold everything together without stressing him unduly and endangering his health. I need about $12000 to save our house and to get out from under other bills. I will have the money to repay by July when I get my lump-sum summer pay, but by then the house will be gone and probably my marriage also.
I would pay back any miracle or blessing with interest. I can not get a bank loan because of the layoff (our debt to income is too high) and because I have gotten behind -- a vicious cycle. There is no one to borrow from in terms of family.
I could provide references, both job and personal. I am so lost and afraid. I never thought that I would be in a mess like this -- have tried to help others in the past.
Thank you -- I am praying to God that you can help.


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