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Help, Help!!!! My car Broke down

Hey, how are you Friend. If your are looking at this post right now, i believe its because a higher power something bigger than us all has led you to me and opened your heart. I am thankful and most grateful for that. Im not here to deceive anyone but to truthfully, with sincerity ASK for your help to buy a new CAR. My current situation is that i am unemployed i was laid off from the job. 3 months ago i had a Mazada 626 1999 a hoopty ride but it got me to work and school ... that is, until is cluncked out on me in the middle of the highway. That was sooo emabarasing. So, now im in the process of trying to get a used car. I am currently seeking for employment, but really need a car to be able to go back to work and coordinate with my school hours. From home to school is already a 2hr commute catching a train and two buses so im stressing. How would that work trying to go from work to school to home in a timely fashion. A car would allow me to also post for jobs a little further from my area and allow me to make it to school on time after work once i obtain a job.
I have been looking for a RELIABLE USED CAR that can last a few years that would cost me at least $3500.00. so far because my income has gone down i have only been able to save 50.00 a month or 150.00 towards a used car. All offerings are welcome, Whatever God lays on your heart. I would like to thank you in advance for your offering and may God bless you 100 fold in your giving.


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