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Unemployed determined to finish school. Will you help sponsor my dreams?

Hi, I am an unemployed cosmetology student that needs some help paying for school. When i enrolled in school i was excited of all the possibilities of fulfilling my dreams to become a celebrity hair stylist and professional makeup artist. I am holding on to my dreams and never giving up. I would like ASK if you could cheerfully give to help me pay for my beauty school tuition. My tuition is a total of 16,500 for the course. I am currently Enrolled at Empire Hair design school in New Jersey. Every offering no matter how much you give is important to me. If you are someone who has the ability to give large amounts of money and you want to interview me ,ask for more information or even if you feel that you want to give but would rather pay your offering directly to the school, i am ok with that and very appreciative. Thank you in advance for your support in sponsoring my dream. may God bless you 100 fold in your giving.


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