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Please help us own our own home!

Myself and my partner are a hard working couple in our mid 40's who sacrificed life as we knew it for love.

I have read many listing and my heart goes out to all of these people and I truly wish I could help these people myself. I wonder whether I really qualify for this site, as my life is wonderful, but we are in debt, struggling to try and own our own home together.

My story is that my partner was in a horrible marriage where not only did she put up with abuse, she was pretending every day she wasn't gay for her 3 sons. Finally we couldn't deny our feelings for each other and she left him.

He took the money and the 3 boys overseas, threatening her that she would never see them again! She went through a very bad time where she felt that suicide was becoming the only option. Luckily, through support and a long road to recovery, she is happy and working again.

She does see two of the boys, and our dream now is to be able to provide these boys with a nice modest house to come and stay in when they visit, rather than a small rental we are in currently. They brag about Dad's house when they visit and I know that it kills her inside that she can't provide the same level of financial comfort for them. He earns 2 x what we do combined. But still has to pay for air fairs once a year!

The good news is that we are almost there!! We have been saving all our spare cash and borrowed some money from family, we are nearly there..... we just need help with to finally get us over the line! We need $30,000 to be able to do what we would like to e.g. fencing, furniture, landscaping, paving, paying off our credit card etc. Living in Australia, we would love a pool for the boys!! but that is around $40,000 to supply and fit!

Can you help us realise our dream? I believe in paying forward and fully intend that once we are on our feet to help others.

Thank you


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