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I'm a freshman at college this year and my college is only 20 minutes away from my house, but my parents and i decided i should live on campus to get the full experience. I've been here for four months now and I am miserable and all I want to do is live at home and commute, which is really easy for me to do, but my mom won't let me do that unless I pay her back for the housing costs. I am fortunate enough to come from a family that has money but she is doing this to teach me a lesson but I don't have any where near that much money and there is no where for me to find a job! I am desperate to move back home, i am so miserable living on campus, i have no friends no matter how hard i try. all i want to do is sleep in my own bed again, but i need $5000 to pay my mom back for all of it. I do get an allowance and my problems are not as bad as most other people, but I am desperate to go home.

I promise that any money I recieve, one day I will pay it forward to others in need or even pay you back. I always try to give as much as possible, donating anything I can to charities and people in need. But I need help to go back home again.

Any amount will help, i am trying so hard to save all the money I can just so i can move back home. i have never been so depressed and uncomfortable. I will always continue to help those in need, just please, please, help me go home.

thank you to anyone who takes the time to read this or even consider for a moment donating - i know there are people who need it more than i do, and i try to help them as much as possible, but im homesick and i miss my dog and my sister and brother and m parents

thank you christina

p.s. it's not that im not allowed to go home for vacations, it's just that my mom thinks it is a waste of money if she paid for housing and i just move back home, which is why she is making me stay here or pay her back, to teach me a lesson, but i am so homesick and miserable


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