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I am a 21 year old college student attending one of the best schools in the nation hoping to become a petroleum engineer. The problem with being a college student is that we have to learn to live on an extremely tight budget while amassing a massive amount of debt. Not only am I paying for college but I have a truck payment that is constantly dragging me down. I bought a 2000 Ford Ranger and it was a good vehicle when I purchased it but not so much anymore. Not three months after I bought it, I was rear ended. That doesn't sound like much but when Rangers are hit from behind they are designed so that the frame will completely twist to absorb the impact. Total damage ended up costing over $3000. The other persons insurance covered it but it diminished the value of the truck greatly. Shortly after getting the truck fixed the brakes went out and cost me $1000 out of pocket. Finally, about 2 months ago a huge snowstorm came through town, large amounts of ice formed on the streets causing me to spin out of control and slam my truck into a telephone pole. Total damage came out to be well over $5000. Needless to say I have a very large amount of debt, double what normal college students going into only their junior year of college have. I have $3000 left to pay on the loan for my truck, over $5000 that needs to be paid to the body shop for repairs and $25,000 in college debt with more to come. All I'm asking for is enough to pay the rest of my truck off, pay the body shop and part of my school loans as my job as a pizza delivery guy does not pay nearly enough to cover even a quarter of that. I live pay check to pay check making barely over $200 every two weeks and would be extremely grateful for help so I can build a better life for myself.
Thank you so much for reading my story and I hope you can help in any way possible.


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