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Family needs help

Hi this is My first time ever doing anything like this so I'm not sure how to ask. I Myself am disabled and Cant work otherwise I would love to be able to instead of getting a small.. check each month.My family(Daughter,Son and Baby Grandchildren need help with Stocking up on important Items if there is ever some kind of collapses. Things like non perishable food,water storage water filters,clothing, survival item,item for protecting family as last resort if it ever came down to that. A few days ago a weird guy came to my daughters trailer at night.. asking to rack leafs for money. it was wet and cold out and don't think that was his agenda. I had to race over there and ask him to leave and not come back at night. We are poor but try to feed are children/grandchildren healthy food, but that cost more money than junk. Sorry if I'm jumping from one topic to the other. just would really like to have security for my grandchildren and children. I've been trying hard to sell things but haven't made much at all. hard to sell something when you don't have much to sell. we really need around $4.000 But any amount would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time sincerely Michal Ordway.


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