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College girl need help paying off loan

I need a fresh start from this, I'm in debt from a student loan. It's been hard for my family to pay off bills and I wouldn't want to bother them with helping me. Teaching is my dream and motivation to keep going forward. I would love to help support my mother and younger sister but this money is hanging over me. I'm currently unemployed and looking but with no luck. I had my older sister and her husband move in with us only for them to refuse to pay rent and ever since then it hasn't quite felt like home. I don't know if i can continue to go to college because I'm running out of money..this semester is my last one until I can find a way to pay for future classes..But my focus is to get rid of this dept and find a fresh start for me. I feel like I tried everything so posting here is my last resort. It may be awhile until i can pay off the 35,000..but I'm hoping that i can resolve this soon so I'm keeping my fingers crossed..thank you for reading..My name is Eva and I don't know what to do.


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