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My mother passed away...

My mother passed away last monthy on 1/13/13 I have never asked for money before, but I need to now. I need $1800 to pay for her funeral and another $600 to buy a headstone. She was not a very organized person, she had no life insurance and she was only on disability so there was no money. I myself am on a fixed income, I live in Section 8 housing so I can`t even begin to pay for this. I just want to do right by my mother and make sure she has a headstone, but I don`t feel right about ordering one until I pay off her funeral. If I could at least get the $1800 for her funeral they will order her headstone and let me pay that on payments so maybe I can pay for the headstone myself. Please help any amount of money you can send would be helpful, here is my mothers obit if you`d like to verify what I`m saying although not sure how much longer it will be online.

Thank You,

I need money


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