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Disabled Family of 3 Needs Help, Please

We were a happy family of 3 until recently. We have a mortgage on 1 acre of land with goats, geese, ducks, chickens, cats and one dog. We had fruit trees until the goats got into the orchard.

We have an 18 years-old son with low tone cerebral palsy. He is vocal, not verbal, wears diapers, is fed by a tube in his stomach, has a wheelchair, and will never live independently outside our home. He was injured the day after he was born by being deprived of oxygen. His heart had stopped, but started back up. However, he did not have any brain activity for over an hour.

He had twice-weekly physical and occupational therapy appointments for most of his life. There have been feeding specialists, speech therapists, and swallowing studies. Any time a new therapy was suggested, we tried it. His comprehension is very good, but his communication skills are so poor that others are not able to understand what he is trying to say or sign (he uses modified sign language). He has had approximately 9 times when his feeding tube had to be replaced as well as tubes in his ears, and 4-5 other surgical procedures.

We have used as many government support services as possible. My husband has been his main caretaker for the first 17+ years of his life through In Home Supportive Services. This changed last August. The caregiver we hired stole various items from us, including my wedding & engagement rings, our son's Kindle (for communication), and whole lot of my husband's brand-new tools he got for Christmas). Our respite worker broke up with her fiancée last month and now does not have transportation to get to our house. All of our back up plans have fallen through. We need help!

My husband (58) had to stop working at the end of August because both of his feet suffer from Charcot Syndrome. This is where the bones in the foot break and instead of healing correctly, they are poking out the bottom of the foot. He is supposed to stay off his feet. You cannot do that with a son needing 24/7 supervision. He also suffers from morbid obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, gout, incontinence, sleep apnea and arthritis.

I am 56 years old and have a lot of medical problems myself. I am on SS Disability and can no longer hold down a job. I have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, morbid obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, high triglycerides, gout, incontinence, sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, arthritis, thyroid, moderate renal failure, tear in right rotator cuff, stretched left rotator cuff, and have recently had both knees totally replaced.

With no more payroll for my husband, our income has been cut in half. And my modest inheritance from my father is almost gone. The only monthly income on which I can count is my SS Disability ($1885). The mortgage is $800; the propane is $330; the electric is $150, the car payment is $320; and prescribed drugs exceed $350. Not including food, phone, TV, insurance, etc., this comes to $1950.

We are asking for 3 things: first, $36,000 ($2,000 per month for the next 18 months), to help pay the monthly bills, until we can get my husband on federal disability; second, $1,850 right away to pay property insurance ($1,050) and property taxes ($800); and third, $58,750 to pay off the medical bills and credit cards (hospital - $35,000, specialists - $7,500, labs, MRIs, CAT-Scans - $2,400, non-covered primary physicians - $1,850), dental bills (approx 4 crowns needed between us plus numerous fillings $12,000 +/-), and credit cards - $6,000.

We normally have been able to pay our expenses, but lately it has been one thing right after another and it is now more than I can handle and I am panicked that I cannot make things OK for my family.

Please help.


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