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I took a 175-day treatment cycle of Accutane (controversial, but effective acne medication) in 2009. I thought I knew all the possible side effects going into the treatment, but I was mistaken – This drug has changed the health of my eyes forever.

Prior to taking Accutane, I wore contact lenses every day for more than a decade - I didn't even own a pair of glasses. During the treatment, my eyes became contact lens-intolerant. Retaining less and less moisture throughout the 5-month cycle, by the end of the treatment my eyes were red and irritated, my eyelids puffy and inflamed. Today, I can wear contacts uncomfortably for a few hours at a time to get through various summer/outdoor activities, however, I now wear glasses 99% of the time. Even with glasses, my eyes have remained dry, easily irritated, and resistant to attempts to moisturize.

I've tried it all. From buying the most expensive, avant-garde contacts on the market, to eye drops, to Omega-3 fish oil supplements, to humidifiers. I've poured out in excess of $1,000 trying to get my eyes back to what they were pre-Accutane. Nothing has worked. In my last trip to the ophthalmologist, the doctor mentioned the possibility of permanently inserting something that would manipulate the tear-duct in such a way that my eye would retain moisture. I've seen eye doctors, contact lens technicians, you name it... When I tell them my eyes have been dry and contact-intolerant ever since my Accutane treatment, they look at me as if I've lost my mind. I hate being a slave to glasses, and I’m thinking maybe Lasik will be my next step. For this, I need your help. The average Lasik procedure costs about $4,200. I have a savings plan and I've been trying to accumulate enough money to make it work, but life always has other plans for that money…

At any rate, since I can't find an attorney who will sue a multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical company for $4,200, I'm taking my cause to the internet. Any contributions would be much appreciated. :)

I need money


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