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*PLEASE HELP* Need Money For Surgery, SILICONE LEAKING QUICKLY & Migrating

I need money

Need Removal of Faulty Silicone Implants, replaced with Saline ASAP, they are leaking VERY VERY quickly, more of a gush then a leak & leaking down my stomach, in armpits & elsewhere, it's Very Painful, keeps me up at night & the Silicone is making me really sick! I'm scared to death about all this silicone loose in my body & how quickly the remaining is leaking out. I don't have the money for surgery so now I'M PRAYING FOR A MIRACLE, I would be SOOOOO Incredibly Grateful to anyone who can help me! I need $7,000 to make this surgery possible, I can't even tell you how badly these need to come out. I will absolutely pay it forward in any way I can & will never ever forget how someone once cared enough to help me out when I was in great need. Please Please help me end this nightmare. I really hope I can get these removed before ALL the Silicone has leaked into my system. I am desperate to get these removed. I really really need your help, please please please.
If there's a Surgeon in California who can donate the Surgery that would be great too, you could use my photos for advertisement if you like.
I suppose I can also take items that I can resell to make up the money for the surgery too, ANY help I can get believe me would be such a help & would be so greatly appreciated!
I thank you so much for any help you can give. God Bless!


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