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Starting over but confident of success - pls help

I need money

Dear Kind Person,

I live in England and I'm asking for financial assistance so that I can launch a new career. My goal is to build an income from assets, such as real estate and company investments.

I'm 34 years old and my experience stands me in very good stead but I'm starting from zero: I spent 10 years employed by an interior design company, before leaving to establish my own e-commerce business. Unfortunately, my girlfriend and I have always worked just to pay rent and bills so my business was underfunded and failed after 3 years. Our only debt is my college loan, but we've now sold all our non-essential possessions, including ones that we treasured.

I'm confident that we can bounce back though, because my girlfriend and I never stop learning and she motivates me tremendously . I've been able to take on a basic job and flexible second income work but they will only get me so far. Any extra finance I can raise will help me get started. When I've raised approximately $12,000-14,000 for a down payment on our first development property then I can hopefully keep going under my own steam! If this strikes a familiar chord with you or you just admire my spirit in these hard times then I'd be extremely grateful for your help. Be assured that one day I hope I can pass the same generosity on to others who have similar ambition.

Thank you for your donation and have a great day.



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