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I need money

Hi all,

Last year my best friend and I excitedly planned a trip to Costa Rica as a vacation before college so we could relax and enjoy each others company before we had to buckle down, study, and get serious. We had everything all planned out. We'd visit the hot springs, swim in the ocean, try some ziplining and just have a blast togther. Unfortunately I have just heard that due to financial hardships, she won't be able to go. We were both beyond devastated. We need $1500 dollars so she can go and we can have the vacation as friends we've been excited about for a whole year. She deserves this. She works two jobs to support her family and never gets time for herself. Please, I believe in miracles and that's what we need now. Help my friend get the vacation that she has very much earned, not in money, but in hard work and love. Thank you.


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