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daughter seeking help for amazing amputee mom!!

I need money

Hello, I am the daughter of an amazing woman who has been through so much!!

Seven years ago my mom was in a horrible, freak accident and lost so much blood the doctors had to revive her. The reason for this accident was because my mom was carrying a glass bowl, slipped, dropped the bowl, and ended up falling right on a sharp piece of glass. She severed her femoral artery and sciatic nerve. Her left leg was paralyzed and about 3 years ago she was diagnosed with Lupus. The Lupus caused her leg to have terrible rashes and just a few months ago she had to make the painful decision to amputate her leg. My mom is such a survivor and through all her terrible times she still took care of me and I appreciate that more than she will know. I wish I could help her financially, but I'm just trying to make ends meet and still save money for college. Any donation whatsoever would make me so grateful! My mom has so much debt because of hospital bills and medication for her Lupus. She deserves a great life and I want to make it happen for her!!


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