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I need help! I racked up $200K in loans for my MBA

I need money

Hello there! So I know that you have probably seen many begging for help ads, on this site and others. Some are definitely legit, and I am sure their are some that are far from it!

I happen to be an exception, who is working her a** (to be blunt) off and is still not catching a break. My name is Sara and I am a 27 year old, living on her own in NJ. I have earned myself an associates, 2 bachelor degrees and a masters. Unfortunately, my family fell in a bracket that did not qualify for any financial aid and yet they couldn't afford to help me pay for college, so it ended up being where I had to take out loans and racked up a whopping $200,000 in debt.

I kept telling myself it was worth it because I would get a great job with my MBA and I would be able to pay off my debt. Well I was wrong! Very, very wrong. Not only did I not get a great job, in fact after years of trying and searching I have a mediocre one in restaurant sales earning me only $50K a year (that is with commission). I know this may sound like a lot to some, but when your rent is $975 a month, utilities reach up to $500, maxed out credit card bills of $300 a month due to being unemployed for so long and over $2200 a month in student loan bills...well as you can see, that $50k a year does nothing to help me! I have gone days without a meal, I have had to wear clothes that don't fit right because I can't afford anything new and it's really starting to mentally take a toll on me.

You grow up being pushed to get a college degree, and for what!

Anyways, this is why I am asking for help! I know I won't get all of my debt paid for but if I could just get some help, it would mean more than any words or any thank you could express!

So I ask that you please help me!

All the best! Peace & Love!


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