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Disabled single mother seriously needs help ASAP

I need money

This is the 3rd time I wrote this in hopes there maybe someone willing to help us. My daughter and I slowly have been drowning due my illnesses progressing and new health issues arise. One thing after another keeps happening over these past couple years, which have us fighting to keep the faith going has all positive smiles and conversation disappears. in 2010 my health became so bad there was no choice but to resign. we moved closer to the tiny bit of family we have. Since 2010-2011 my health has gone backwards and all our money has been used to survive. the past 6 months has been a huge struggle. walking or using my wrists has been difficult. it turns out the feet have gout and both wrists have tendinitis. the very next day i lose my medical insurance. right after that, my lawyer shows up without the final year of medicals records which causes a delay. all credit is now bad and loan mart added repossession to the report, even though it was being paid off my another company. now they will not work with us at all. our truck was so presious to us with so many memories. since we have no money, a couple times there has been no choice but to go without my pain medicine which is not safe to stop abruptly. now she is on anti-depressants due to depression while we enter the last 12 days to eviction from this apartment. Lord know we need a year of stability with no financial worries. my wrists need surrey, feet, blood pressure, and depression need medicine, I can not afford it. Samantha needs to free of taking care of me while she starts college. this has been a nightmare, it feels as we are being punished for nothing, we are good people who seriously need help and stability. please please help us.

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