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Family being evicted in 12 days, please help!!!!!

I need money

hello, my daughter has been my rock these past two years, our life has turned upside down as slowly everything of value is gone, been sold, or broken due to moving around. in 1 day everything began to change as I notice severe pain accross my neck and rib cage. then serious migraines flared a few days a week. over the neck 2 years this desease spread and my back flared up, then my legs, all the way to my feet. next thing was the wrists. while my wrist and feet was scheduled for tests, I lost my medical insurance. gout was suspected in the feet along with both wrists need surgrey. all the time every penny in our savings, checking, 401k, grandma's ring along with title loan on the truck which was just repossessed. we have nothing left but 12 days until we are evicted. Loan Mart will not work with us at all. they knew another company was paying it off and they still repossessed it. they refuse to release it or accept half the money I owed and verifation of the balance being paid off by their competitor. this hurts real bad. smiling, having faith or being positive is hard. embaracement, guilt, shame and fustration is what we feel. my daughter needs to enjoy life, start feeling a part of the world. some days we do not have food as we stress and struggle to keep the lights on, heat or air on and even electricity. please help us feel safe and stable for at least a year. medically i need so much help since it has been months since I lost the insurance. Samantha needs to know we are secure as well as stable finally. we did nothing wrong and at the same time realize life does not have us targeted. life changed in 1 day, nothing is the same. we need our life back.

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