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Help me help others and the environment

I need money


here the short version for those in a hurry:

I need seed funding to kick start a project which will:

- help people to save money on their heating bills
- help the environment by reducing pollution
- help our atmosphere by reducing CO2 emissions

and hopefully offering fun for children and environmental education for children and the grown-ups.

Now the long version for those who have more time to read:

I have been working in the area of renewable energy for some time, and I have developed some lo-tech technologies for heating and cooling to be used without electricity and electronic controls.

1 Solar heating with heat storage - originally to be used in developing countries

This was the inital start of the whole project: 5 years ago I was asked to develop such a system for the northern parts of India in the Himalajas where schools and the like are heated with dung, which causes a lot of health problems for the school kids because of the smoke. They don't have fire wood around there.

Though I have developed the system and was ready to build it there it turned out we could not overcome the obstacles in form of local politicians, or 'tribe elders', and the ever present corruption. So the project had to be cancelled, however, I have the technology ready to be put in action. And of course it will work not only in developing countries but in all regions that need heating, be it Chicago or Vienna.

2 Heating or warm water with waste biomass.

I have then developed a system with around 90% efficiency as opposed to 50% efficiency with commercial biogas plants. I have spent half a year in Europe to test it in a cold climate, and it works perfectly.

This system works in developing countries as well as in developed countries and has caused a lot of interest, including TV stations and magazines. It enables many people to sort of grow their own heating energy in their backyards: weeds, leaves, lawn cuttings and so on are being turned into heating energy.

Most people know that a kilogram of firewood contains around 4 kilowatt hours of energy. But most people do NOT know that a kilogram of autumn leaves or other garden waste contains about the same amount of energy but so far we could no use it. That is until now - with my technology it is possible to use that huge source of energy.

As I said above I have run some smaller scale tests with very good results. But now I need a full scale prototype to refine the technology and to showcase it.

To get if off the ground I have a plan A and a plan B.

Plan A: Find sponsors and raise funds of 40K dollars for either the above system 1, or system 2.

I have approached potential sponsors, who were interested, however there is a problem. They would sponsor - and have their company message displayed - but only for devices that are already existing, and I could not build it before I have received some funds from sponsors. A classical chicken and egg dilemma.

Plan B: Start smaller with a related project, the SGR, that needs less funding to start but which will make profits that can be used to fund the system 1 or system 2 after some time.

That related project SGR is about renewable energy as well, and it is a world's first and only, and it's main purpose is to bring joy to small children, and stir a lot of interest from parents and other people as well as the media. Since I am the only one who has build this so far, I need to be careful and just call it SGR to avoid copycats. If you write me an email I will tell you what it is.

The SGR is being used for education and demonstration purposes, to show what can be done with solar power, and contributes to the development of the other technologies. The SGR will travel to fairs, exhibitions, school fetes, company events and so on.

So depending on how much funding I can raise I will go for plan A or B.

Finally about my motivation: I am a computer specialist and technician, however, my main interest is renewable energy and the environment.

Even today there are already lots of people who have a hard time to heat their places, or by doing so risk their health like the abovementioned school kids in India. There are easy and cheap solutions, and one has to do something, in this case that one is me.

Also our energy ressources seem to be depleting rather fast, and sooner or later will be forced anyway to use as much renewable energy sources as possible.

And not to forget the damage to our environment caused by fossil fuels. Every kilowatt hour generated by renewable energy helps a little bit.

Thanks for your attention

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