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The $64,000 Question

Your sponsorship of my request will change the world for the better. This I promise you.

Before I make my outrageous request, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I have a good job as Operations Manager of a small internet marketing firm. I volunteer as the Sponsorship Coordinator for the annual TEDx Conference event in my city, which takes all year to plan and raise donations for. I donate to Oxfam whenever I can. I help friends and family out however I can when they need it. I live in a modest apartment on my own and buy most of my clothes and housewares from thrift or consignment stores to avoid unnecessary over-spending. Because Iím pretty good at this, I donít want for a lot, and my basic needs are always met. I make regular payments to my student loans, always the agreed upon amount, and always on time.

Despite my thrift and despite my regular on-time payments, the student loans people have decided to start harassing me to get a consolidation loan and telling me they cannot and will not continue to finance my loan. With no provocation, they have started sending me documents demanding full payment of my loan and having rude people call me trying to speed up my payments. I understand their frustration because my loan is so big, and their payment demands so high, that I canít give them much more than the interest on the loan each month. But it's fundamentally wrong to harass people who are doing everything they can, and horribly difficult to live with. I have nothing to sell to make bigger payments. I don't drive a car, and I don't own my apartment.

Between the two places I borrowed from to get my degree, I am now trying to pay off $64,465.77, the majority of which is sitting at an 11% daily compound rate. Thatís almost $10 a day in interest. I would have to be making an obscene amount of money to be able to chip away at this debt on my own in any meaningful way and, if I donít get help, I will be living to pay this debt off until the day I die, unable to contribute to the world the way I want to or do much more than survive.

I have been making payments since 2008 and the principle has remained virtually the same because I just canít get out from under the interest payments, and slowly, my spirit is dying. I have considered all of my options including bankruptcy which unfortunately cannot be applied to student debt. Since Iíve discovered that I canít get consolidation loan, I canít declare bankruptcy, and since my family is unable to help, Iíve come to the end of being able to cope with this financial oppression on my own.

I desperately need help and have come here to ask for it. I need to raise $64,465.77.

*** If you would like to sponsor me as a company, I would be happy to write a testimonial that your PR & Marketing department can use to promote your altruism, support of education, and involvement in the community. Whatever you need, Iím your girl.

*** If you would like to offer me a nominal job to do in exchange for the money so that you can write it off as subcontractor wages on your taxes, I will happily consider. However, no hits or drug mule opportunities will be accepted. ;) This option also requires charging taxes on top of the principal amount so that I donít end up trading one debt for another...I think. Unless you know more about taxes than me. Then we should talk.

*** If you would like to sponsor me as a team, a church group, or donate to my cause as an individual, Iím sure we can find some way to qualify it as a tax-write off or benefit you in some other way. If you have an idea, Iím all ears.

Your sponsorship will change the world for the better. This I promise you. I really do. I'm one of the good guys.

Many thanks for your time and consideration.

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