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I am hoping someone out there can really help me. I dont have a car right now, it broke down and the engine needs replacement. I have scouted around and got price estimates and it is way out of my budget. If someone can help me in my dire needs I will be foreever in debt, and promise to help others as much as I can. Right now my way of means to get to work is catching a ride with various co-workers. There is no bus transit here where I live, and I dont really make much money to sustain a taxi daily, I average 1000 a month and, times are realy tight. My rent is 275 a month, utility bills 200, college loan is 400 a month. As you can see I am really strugling. Please help me, I am really just down and strugling right now. All I ask for is 3000 to get my car back and running again or perhaps I can use the money to get a second hand car that would cost somehwere araound 3000. For who ever would like help I would like to thank you in advance and may God Bless you...

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