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not lazy, just in need of a little help

I need money

Where to begin? I'm 31, been at my job for 11 years. I have a wife, a 5 year old and a bun in the oven due in August. I just moved my family and my mother into a house in Bristol, Pa. and this move has left me broke. I have a personal loan through my bank to pay off, I had to sell my tiny pickup truck that I used for making money on the side in lieu of making this move and hopefully being able to TRY and save some cash to get a bigger pickup truck that will fit my family. Our family car (2001 toyota sienna) is in need of a $2000 repair. I just paid $3000 last year to have the transmission repaired and I've just been barely making it from paycheck to paycheck.

My main goal from this posting, is that I would like to pay off my loans as soon as possible, biild up a few dollars to try and fix or replace our family car for a van that has an eco-boost engine, buy another work vehicle and save some cash to try and get a small business started.

A couple thngs I can offer are if you make a large enough donation, of say $2000, I'll sign over my 1987 ford thunderbird lx project car. Smaller donations, I can make and send some home made apothecary goods that I make, like face creams, body wraps, remedy type things (I can make a lot of stuff, just ask).

Thank you very much for your time in reading this posting :-)


The Ross family

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