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GA Police seized car & $15,000 made legally. Help

Oh, how the mighty dollar keeps us in check.

Due to some laws in the United States, I have found out that it is ILLEGAL to drive on the highways with more than $10,000 and that this can give the police the right the seize your property until "research" has been done. This is a story of how I am trying to help out a very good friend that has been put in a messed up situation.

Here's the story and how messed up some police departments are.

I am currently assisting my friend David Richardson with his legal & personal issues. He has lost his home, his job, his car, lots of money and is going through hell. I can't even keep him at my house much longer cause I have roommates that don't want to keep him here. It's a really tough situation and I want to try to help him get on his feet as quickly as possible.

My friend David had recently made a trip to Georgia where he drove down to meet up with his brother to take him up to Chattanooga, TN. David is a black gentleman with dreads who had a really steady job at a veterinary prior to all of this happening.

On February 22nd, 2013: David was coming from getting his brother and had a bank account at Chase Bank. He decided it would be wise to get his money out of Chase bank since they had no Chase banks in Chattanooga and it was time. After getting the money and the deposit slips the cash was put in the trunk of the car.

On the way back to Chattanooga they were pulled over in Canton, GA. David was driving the car and his brother, Joshua was in the passenger side. When the police went to question David they had pulled him out of the car to ask him some questions while Joshua was left inside the car.

The police asked David if he has any drugs. To which David responded that he didn't have any drugs and was true. David also did inform the officers that he had $15,000 in the trunk of his car with withdrawal receipts proving that the money was legally obtain. The cops did not search the car yet but didn't gain knowledge about the fiat currency until David had told the cops. The cops then immediately go to the trunk of the car and tell David that they will need to detain them and the money to make sure the cash was obtained legally.

While Joshua was watching this happen in the car he made a grave error. He called 911 to tell them that two police officers were taking his money. He didn't believe what was happening either. They arrested Joshua as well and Joshua tried to give the police a false identity because he was scarred about the situation. How was he suppose to know?

Immediately there after the media in Canton, GA started reporting conflicting stories:


Story 1 - They were arrested for falsely reporting a crime BEFORE police arrived on the scene (False) -

Story 2 - Says that they had $8,000 (lie) and that crime was reported BEFORE police arrived on scene -

Story 3 - Says that David was the one who reported the "false crime" when it was Joshua who made the call while the police where arresting David. -

So the police impounded the 1989 Mercedes Benz Disel Car and took all the fiat currency and arrested both men. David disappeared for a month then he called me around March 24th to tell me to pick him up. I thought nothing of it then picked him up, heard the story, and was shocked.

The events that preceded to happen to David once he arrived back into Chattanooga on March 18th:

- Due to being gone for almost a month his landlord seized all of his items (illegally without a notice) and had him kicked out.
- Due to being gone for almost a month he lost his job at the Animal Hospital.
- Due to having the car in the impound for so long he can only recover it if he pays the impound. If he had a car at least he could live out of his car until he gets on his feet. Nope.
- The public defendant assigned to David's case is HORRIBLE. We keep requesting a discovery packet and request the police calls that allegedly happened under the freedoms of informations act with no luck what so ever. The defendant never returns calls until the day of a court date and gives no guidance in how to obtain the vehicle back.
- We might need to get David a really good lawyer in Georgia to help him fight this.
- At the fault of the Canton Police Department due to their actions they have made David lose a home, a car, and a job and caused him real harm.
- Will cost $2,000 + to get the car out of the lot. There is a deadline to get it out by Friday or it will be sold at an auction under "abandonment".

On top of everything I've been keeping David in my bedroom as well as in my garage while he finds a job and gets off his feet. My roommate is specifically not letting him crash our living room because he is not comfortable with David having been arrested in Georgia. So I am keeping him in certain parts of the house over night in secret so he doesn't discover. I can't keep it up for longer.

David needs to cover the following:
- Expenses for impounded vehicle.
- Expenses to move into a rental apartment or sublet.
- Expenses for legal fees related to this case.

If he can cover this I know David will find a job easily. He just needs to desperately get back on his feet. He got screwed by the government REALLY hard and this is why we are taking only Bitcoin donations so we can fight back.

I can put up youtube videos with David explaining his case if I needed. This is a very real case. We thought he made huge progress this week. He got a job at an italian restaurant only to get fired the same day and the employer refuses to explain why. This is the shit that he's gone through and it's been two months of hell for him.

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