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Mother of Burn Survivor Requests Help

I am making this request on my daughter's behalf. She doesn't know I'm doing this because I don't want to disappoint her if it doesn't work. My daughter was run over and trapped beneath a car and received third degree burns to her legs and chest. She has had two surgeries and more are scheduled. She had to give up her apartment because she canít work, and her dream of entering nursing school this fall has been put on hold. I am hoping that through your generosity she will raise enough money to pay medical bills and be able to put some aside for tuition. My daughter's friends have graciously invited her and my five year old granddaughter to live with them. She has accepted, but she doesn't want to be a financial burden; she would like to contribute to daily expenses. You may be wondering why the auto insurance hasnít paid for personal injury. The unbelievable thing is, it was her own car that ran over her and her auto insurance wonít pay for personal injury because you cannot sue yourself for damages. Crazy but apparently true. If you are able to help in any way, I thank you for your consideration and kindness. If you are not able, please offer your prayers for healing.

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