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Vet; Father of Two Need Help Getting My Girls

Hello my name is Leroy, I'm a US Air Force Veteran, a father of two beautiful twin girls and a college student. Times have been hard for me, for over a year. More than half of my family aren't interested in hearing from me because I decided to stay in Vegas for my children. Unfortunately, the mother of my kids won't let me have them because I can't pay, what she wants so she keeps them until I can. I love my girls with all my heart and I want to be the father they need. Upon leaving the military, I wasn't able to get a job. only until recently I found a job but it does pay much but something is better than nothing. between that and my benefits they do easy the financial blow, but my debt is ever increasing. I have a lot of bills and creditors that sadly to say, I can't pay back right now. I'm not looking for someone to help save me from all my bill, but someone who can help me, pay for training and a school loan so that I can get on my own two feet and make a better life for my family. Even with my job, I'll owe my school $1200, and plus I need about $600 to start the CNA program, for the summer, which is only half the cost of the program. So in total $1800, is all I need, and like said before I'm not looking for someone to solve all my financial burden just someone or some ones to help jumpstart me. I'm only asking for what I need. Once I finish the program and become certified. I already have job line up upon its completion and I will be able to continue my education to become a RN Nurse. Honestly I'm not used to asking, but I really do need help. I have proof of bills and the program I want to do as well as veteran status to prove my claim. All i really want to do is make my girls proud, to be able to have them and watch them grow, they are my hearts. As well as be a productive member of society. I would be grateful for any assistance, and hopefully one day be able to provide the same generosity to others. Thank you for at least taking the time read my post.

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