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My daughters father was murdered, my mother who abandoned me when I was six years old is dead and my father married a jealous, controlling, sinister woman when I was 8. I have always had to look after myself and when I became a mother I had no real support but I made sure I provided a normal and stable home for my child. I work hard and I am a good role model but unfortunately ends don't quite meet and as a consequence over the years I have accumulated 20k of debt. I pay the bills on time but because of the high repayments every month I am in a financial trap. I want to be able to buy a house for us but I would never get a mortgage while I owe this money. I just need to clear the decks and break free and then I will be able to move forward. There is only me who can provide a future for my daughter. I never had safety or security given to me as child so it makes me more determined to be able to give that to my child. She only has me, please help. Thanks for reading.

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