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Tamara Hall is our mom and she was recently told that if she doesn't have the surgeries to fix her eyes that she could be totally blind by the end of the year. On December 29th of this last year, she woke up coughing really hard. She couldn't catch her breathe. The more she coughed the blacker her vision got in her left eye. She went to her doctor and was scheduled for a retinal scan on January 18th. She has no insurance so she pays for all her medications and visits in cash. Luckily we found her a clinic that takes her on a sliding scale. On the 18th the clinic called and rescheduled the appointment for the 1st of February but, she needed to know what was going on so, she went to her regular eye doctor and had him do some pictures and see if he could tell her. The news was not good. She had an active hemorrhage and her retina was filling with blood. The Doctor told her to sleep elevated, no lifting heavy things, and NO airplanes. He made it very clear to keep her appointment for the retinal scan. Being a diabetic, the clinic has a program that supplies a free retinal scan for patients with diabetes and no insurance. My mother has not had the best of luck when it comes to her health. She has fibromyalgia, Type 1 Diabetes, neuropathy,and now Diabetic Retinopathy. She gets up everyday and does whatever needs to be done around the house, taxis my brother and I to work and school, and goes to school herself. She has straight A's and has been on the Dean's list for the last two years. She has a Certificate in Billing and Coding and is getting her Associates Degree in Chemical Dependency Counseling. She does all that and more, no matter what she is feeling like. She takes her medications, follows everything the doctors tell her to, and does it with a smile. We do whatever we can to help her and this has been a huge blow to her. On February first, she went to the retinal scan. The news was even worse. Not only was her left eye bad but her right eye has small hemorrhages in it too. The nurse was very surprised and even wrote WOWZA on the report. When they sent back the referral to her doctor, they said she needed to see a retinal specialist ASAP. The clinic tried to find someone that would take her on a sliding scale and couldn't find anyone. We called the specialist to find out how much it would cost for the visit and was told about 200 dollars. We scrimped and saved the money and she finally got to see the specialist on the 19th of April. When we went to the specialist the news was even worse than the other two reports were. Her left eye is full of blood and the retina is starting to detach from her eye and her right eye has 6 or more vessels that are ready to hemorrhage. The doctor told her that if she didn't do anything that in 2-3 months her right eye would hemorrhage and fill with blood like her left. That within 4-6 months her left retina would totally detach and she would be fully blind in that eye and by the end of the year her right eye would also be fully blind. We are all devastated by this news. My brother and I love our mom and are trying everything we can to get the money for her surgeries and we need all the help we can get to help her keep her sight. She is a very strong person and she struggles everyday to be as positive as she can be. She tries so hard everyday to make sure that everyone around her is safe and has everything they need and the only thing that she fears is going blind. Seeing for 42 years and then to go blind scares her and we want to make sure she is safe and has everything she needs now so, any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. She needs these surgeries as soon as possible and all monies will be used for her surgeries, recovery,transportation, and medical care afterwards. Help us help our mom! We would like to Thank You All for any support you can give.

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