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Liver transplant patient and family need help

I need money

My husband had a liver transplant last May, and we still have medical bills and credit card debt accumulated from other medical bills (e.g., 2 caesarian births, a knee injury,etc), and just living expenses (we have had 12 layoffs between us since 1999). We have two girls, ages 5 and 7. We are not lazy, we are both very educated, and we do NOT live beyond our means. We live in a very modest, 1700 sq ft house, and drive cars from 2004 and 1997. Even though my husband was very sick, I had to leave him and my children last January to take a job in Western Africa (Guinea) so we'd have insurance and an income. I was home for one week when he had his transplant and went back to Guinea in mid-July (see: I lost 7 weeks of income), but I was laid off in December. I'm now working a temp job. He is now well enough to work, and has had 2 interviews in the past 2 months, but neither one led to a job.

We would both love to have:
* jobs: I have a B.S. in French from Georgetown University (I speak fluent French and intermediate level Spanish), an MBA, and many years of experience in accounting; he has a B.S. in Secondary Education, an MBA in Management, and an A.S. in Electronics Engineering. He has many years of manufacturing management experience. We would really like to get out of the Southeast, so we would be willing to relocate if a company covered relocation. Both of us have many, many references.
* $3,500 to pay off medical bills
* $20,000 to pay off our credit card debt
* ballet and karate lessons for our girls
* $1,200 to fix a serious drainage problem in our driveway that we've had for 12 years
* a new carpet for our 3 bedrooms (the carpeting is 12 years old and is falling apart)
* a swing keeled sailboat for my husband. His dream is to own a MacGregor 26 M, but I know he'd be thrilled with ANY sailboat in decent condition. He came within 2 days of dying last year, and I want his dream to come true

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