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Please Help Me Help My Parents

I have always dreamed of the day I could take my parents on a real vacation or send someone to repair their home, my childhood home, where the floors and joists need replacing. Neither of my parents have ever owned a new vehicle. My 65-year old, Vietnam-veteran father came close with a four-year old model truck, until someone turned into his lane, flipping him and totalling his first "pretty" truck. we all know how insurance companies work. He has a beat-up, 15-year old truck now.

Along with both of my sisters, my parents have helped me a great deal. I am ashamed that I, and my sisters, are unable to repay our parents for their generosity; I had always hoped I could help them once I was "grown", pay them back just a fraction of the fortune they've invested in me and my sisters. Now I'm "grown" and still no closer to having the ability to help them.

My husband and I are trying to recover from my previous unemployment and the supposed buyers of our home taking off, leaving over $20,000 in damage to our property; we can't sell it, can't fix it, and can't afford not to live in it. Now that I have found a job (part-time is better than no time), we are only able to keep our heads slightly above water.

My father owns and operates a small local business where everything is falling apart; my mother has been a secretary at the same company for over 50 years and new hires' starting pay is higher than her's. They are wonderful, hard-working people and shouldn't have to worry about their finances or house falling apart or vehicles breaking down.

They have given us so much, everything really, and I would do anything to make their lives easier. Anythng including writing humiliating letters to strangers asking them to help my parents.

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