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Hello my name is Kyle. We all have a story and I will share a little of mine so you understand where I am at and why I need your help. This help is not just for me it is because I want to be with the woman I love and take care of her. My fiance and I have been together for a little over three years now. After two and a half years of corresponding and developing a strong relationship I was finally able to go visit her for a week and a half in Europe. We were waiting for her to finish up her degree there and it took this long for me to save enough for the trip. It was amazing because when I got off the plane she had tears in her eyes then I dropped my bag and just held her. At the end of my trip I proposed to her and it was the best day of my life because she said yes. During our correspondence I fell into hard times that were purely out my control. The bank I worked for went out of business and 250 people lost their jobs. After this I was between jobs for two months. Once I got a job it was making less money then I had been but it was work which I needed. Only three months after starting I was laid off for three months. This whole time she was supportive and showed her love by staying with me. She gave me the strength I needed but this did a number on my finances. I only have one credit card but it was maxed out just so that I could pay my necessities. In my life I have never lived in excess and do not plan to because that gets us into trouble. Even doing this hard times found me and I am worried about weather I can take care of her. I am still working but need to afford everything to get her here as well as provide. With this $18,000 credit card debt hanging over my head I need help. It would free up $360 a month which I could use for groceries and insurance when she gets here. We just need a hand up so that we can get started on the right foot. I have never asked for help before because of pride. For her I will suck up this pride because she is that important to me. Thank you for listening and if it ways heavy on your heart to help us we will be forever grateful.
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