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Losing Hope ... Health Holding Back Financially

I am 35 years old, supposed to be at my prime, and my life has scarily taken a major spiral downward, but I am trying to stay positive. I am suffering from Fibromyalgia & Epilepsy (and now showing signs of M.S.) & caring for teenage son who's seizures are frequenting. We’re about to lose everything because I had to stop teaching full-time due to health last September, & the freelance art doesn't cut it in the bad economy. We’re searching daily for means to help cover back mortgage, utility expenses, medical bills, etc., & get us on our feet for a couple of months, until we can hopefully hear something from Disability (which is now inevitable), our floor is literally falling in, animals are eating wires as they live in our roof, trees are rotting and about to fall on our house at any wind, etc. I am not used to asking for donations, and I so feel guilty even doing so, especially for an amount. I have just been praying so hard for an answer, as every day I am looking for some source to find commissions or some sort of job to do to help save our family, and I would be MORE than willing to give my talents & artistic services in return for any gift or donation given.
Anything huge help. I am truly grateful. It is just a blessing to see that there are people out there that are still willing to help people... even if it is not me at the time. I hope and pray that soon I am able to be where I can give again, so that I can bless with what others have done for me. :)

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