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Patron for Comic-Con Art Exhibit? Save my Family..

I’ve been accepted to be an artist & exhibit at San Diego Int’l Comic-Con artshow. (See info at This will be my 2nd year. But this year is different because I’ve had actors, designers, etc. from major hit shows who have reached me directly, looking forward to seeing my pieces in person. All of the pieces in my exhibit are related to pop culture with a 3-dimensional twist. One piece, in particular, will be “Our TRUE Superheroes”, featuring 200 people from around the world who’ve been nominated as “heroes”, painted as superheroes in a 3D-structured painting. When I first committed, we were setting back funds to help with the trip & supplies, as SDCC provides me with a complimentary Professional & guest pass. But since then, I’ve had to stop teaching due to severe health, & we had to spend the $ on medical bills (now uninsured with meds I can’t afford) & caring for my son who came down with severe mono in the fall (which affected his pancreas, liver & blood system) and whose seizures are frequenting, as well major emergency home repairs. Therefore we have lost every bit of the money we had saved up for the exhibit of hope. NOT giving up hope! I'm continuing to work as much as I can on the pieces. I’ve tried fundraisers, promos & extra commissions, since I can no longer hold my full-time job as an instructor in the arts. This is the chance of a lifetime to further not only my career & better my family’s life, but to bring my style of art to the public.

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