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Take My Mother On A Well Deserved Vacation

I attend college and I am in my 40s now, but I think its never too late to get an education. So the income isn't there, but my pride is. My dad came down with cancer and I always told him when he gets better I wanted to take him and my mother to the ocean(they have never seen the beautiful sight of the ocean)but he never got better and passed away 3 years ago. Oh the guilt that I feel at times even though I know it was just his time to go. They were married 44 years and raised 8 children(I am not sure how they managed that :)) My moms health is going down now, the dr. said she needs a hip replacement. I would like to be able to take my mom to see the ocean and not be too late this time. Assateague Island would be the choice with the wild horses it is beautiful and I think she would love it! But that is camping and with her hip pain I just don't think she would be comfortable and I want her to enjoy it. I would have to pay for a motel so she would be comfortable. So I would GREATLY appreciate any little help that you can give. We live paycheck to paycheck. My husband has vacation the last week of July. I am also hoping to give her a little spending money, she has never had (raising 8, she always put herself last.) I honestly Greatly appreciate with all my heart any help that I receive. Someday after I graduate and find a decent job, I hope I am able to help someone who deserves it.

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