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I Love My Wife

I love my wife very much.

She has made a beautiful home, given me two beautiful daughters. I really want to say thank you for standing by me.

We first got together 15 years ago, at the time I promised, one day I would buy her an 80's Porsche 911. It is the only car she has ever really wanted, and trust me she has had to make do with some bad cars over the years - even walking to work in the rain.

Over the last 15 years we have has financially comfortable times and crippling times - where sometimes even living a very simple lifestyle we have struggled to find money to buy food for our children, while I have been at work she has on many occasions gone without food to make sure the girls are fed well, everything is cooked fresh and is healthy.

She has stood by me when business has been bad, even collapsed and our homes have been taken away - but somehow has always managed to make the best of everything despite living with post natal depression for 4 years.

Times get better and now we are in a better place, infact - probably the best place we have been for many years, I still work very long hours 6 days a week, but she still keeps on going. I was able this month to buy some wardrobes for her clothes and have finished paying off our £30,000 debt left over from when the house was taken over.

My request is quite simple. We are no longer poor, we are not hungry - we are warm and safe. With her help and support we have recovered from some terrible situations and things are looking up. So you might ask...what am I begging for? Simply, I want to say THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU, buy trying to fulfill a promise that she took with "a pinch of salt" - She never for one second took me seriously - that is why I would love some help. Because this beautiful woman does not ask for anything or expect anything.

For someone, somewhere to help me fulfill my promise and for her to receive her dream car would perhaps be a relatively simple thing, but would mean so much.

If we ever got to the stage again (i hope not) in our lives that we could no longer afford to run or maintain it you could have the car back...or it could be sold and put towards a more worthy really it's more of a loan :)

It's a long shot - and not really a very worthy one - I realise this is is actually a very selfish request, but I hope for someone, somewhere will perhaps have been in the same place before - and now moved on much further than we have managed so far and will perhaps recognise the boost it would mean for us. Probably not - but one thing I have learned is to always be honest, and try - even if all the odds are against you!

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