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My Mum has helped me, I want to pay her back.

OK Very simple - after having to sell my family home after loosing my job 8 years ago my mum has always been there for us. After the deaths of my father and my gran - she obviously inherited some funds - which she selfishly gave up ( I don’t honestly think she expected me to pay back) in order to help Me, and My wife and children get back on the property ladder. Now 5 years on - house prices crashed and no hope of re-mortgaging I am starting to believe that I shall never be able to pay her back before it is too late. Now there is much maintenance required on her own home, that she never complains about depsite only surviving on a small pension - when really she should be totally financially stable and be able to live out her days in warmth and comfort without stress or worry because of me. I feel awful. I could sell and move away but she would never that that happen because she vaules the fact that family is just a few houses away - she is very independent and would prefer to live in a tent than feel she has to move in with me purley for financial reasons. The shame is really hurting me now. This is my last resort please help. I owe her £45,000 Gulp. She is an outstanding mother who asks for nothing but gives all. Please help me.!

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