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My Story

Help with Hope and the pain of Chronic Disease

I wrote a special and lengthy letter as a way to be as honest with myself as I am with you. I was unable to post the letter entirely due to character limits and so I have posted the entire letter safely online at the link below.

I know it is longer than most requests but it is true, and I feel it would be dishonest to you and to myself to abridge the letter.

Here it is, in its entirety, hosted as a .pdf on

Copy and paste the link into your address bar to view the letter, and thank you in advance for your help and understanding.

To better understand the Request, here are some excerpts from the letter: encourages honesty in requests. That factor appealed to me, brought me there...

------My doctors told me James, you are fine, ...

Amidst the pain and weakness and terror and despair, I was normal?

------I had learned that same year that the chemotherapy drug I had taken earlier in my life had given me permanent Crohn's disease, an inflammatory bowel disease.

------I must go through many days unmedicated. When I cannot afford my medicine, the old symptoms come back, and it terrifies me.

------It terrifies me each day that the disease might get worse, no warning. That it might end me before I can do good...

------I know that she cannot afford my medicine, nor can I.

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