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Family trying to avoid a Card Board House!!

I can’t believe this but, Yes, I am Begging. I served 12 years in the Marine Corps only to find out in Feb my reenlistment was denied due to a negative counseling during my first year in the Corps. My retirement plans- GONE! I've been married for 14 years, have a 9 year old girl and we are expecting another girl in Aug. In Sept 2012, we purchased our home using 8 years of savings that we built up from working. In Dec 2012, we found out that we were expecting our second child (another girl). We were super excited. Well, little did we know that Feb 2013 would prove to be worse than the 3 deployments I had been on! As of April 2013, I am jobless for the first time since I was 17. I start a job at Burger King right after the 4th of July until I can find another place to start over. Medical bills are already coming in and with the other obligated payments, it will destroy all we have built in our 14 years. I fear that we may end up in a card board under a bridge. 3 seven month deployments, countless 12 hour shifts and other sacrifices have strained us and its hard to deal with. We need temporary help. Please consider my family and me honest people and positive contributors to society and will continue to do so no matter the situation. If you prefer to make the payment to the creditor please let me know, I will give you the bill. We really do need some help! Currently behind on: House, Car, Military Star Card, USAA Credit Cards. Next month will also be behind on: Electric

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