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Struggling overly long and desperately need help

I am drowning in debt, stressed out & depressed. Im someone who would sacrifice my needs to help others if I can. Hubby is the same, for this we now suffered the consequences. We both have been unemployed a few times which made it even worse falling behind on payments. Tried sorting it out but got worse instead. I took a loan to try & consolidate some of the smaller debt, have a more affordable payment but then hubby lost his job & I had to use the money to pay our rent & put food on the table. Managed to pay some small bills but not enough so now Im over in debt. Hubby finally got a job just in time as the loan money finished but we are still struggling and hardly have money for food and don’t even get to pay all our debt. And it just keeps coming.
Im the kind of person who finds it very difficult to ask for help. I just keep quiet, suffer in silence, try work through it on my own & cry alone in the dark. But a baby is on the way. I see it as a blessing but just not at a very good time. We were not expecting this, found out that I am Vit D deficient 1 of the side effects is infertility also found out I wasnt ovulating with other issues. We need about US$30000, to pay off everything. Even anything small would be a great help.
Yes we made bad decisions; I just hope that some may find it in their hearts to help us this time around Thank you for your time. And may God bless you regardless of helping or not

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