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Help Fund my Transition

Hello, Im a twenty-nine year old trans woman that is living in the US, that has very little money, and very little way of making more, seeing as I also suffer from clinical depression. Right now my transition is at a standstill, since I do not have the money to go through with any of my plans and even anti-depressants do not affect the depression enough to allow me to get regular work. I want to get on disability, but my hopes for that are not very high due to the difficulty (a lot of the time you have to pay money to therapists to prove you need it, which I cant afford).

My family is not outright hostile about my identifying as female, but they dont support it either and have no interesting in supporting that — regardless of expressing a want to improve the quality of my life and help me. They seem to feel that its something that can be ignored.

On top of all this what money I do get cant even go toward my transition costs (primarily electrolysis and an orchiectomy) right now as I have to many other debts, bills, and important things to take care of and very very little money with which to do it (were it not for the fact that its mostly owed to clients and friends Id be boned). In other words Im only just scraping by.

If you have even just a dollar to spare it would be deeply appreciated and youll have my deepest gratitude and if nothing else if you could please help get this around, I would very much appreciate it.

Thank you for your consideration.

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